About Us

ASAP- CD Solutions is a full service software duplication, replication and fulfillment company. We can supply you with the kind of product that only some large companies are capable of, but with the kind of service only a small company can provide.



Printing: We specialize in high quality printed CD-R/DVD-Rs/Diskettes using in-house thermal, inkjet, and screen printers.

Duplication: From small to very large orders we can copy your CD/DVD’s including floppy “Diskette”! Ranging from as little as 1 CD/DVD/Diskette or into the millions. Whatever your CD/DVD & Diskette duplication needs are, we can accomplish it.

Equipment: Our in-house use of this equipment provides hands on experience for printing and burning/duplication and therefore our suggested equipment will work as well for our customers as it does at our plant.

Call, e-mail, or fax ASAP CD Solutions for all your CD/DVD products from the beginning design to the end packaging. Our team of employee is trained for every aspect of CD/DVD &Diskette products.